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Zio Ziegler in 60 Seconds

We’ve already gushed about how much we love artist Zio Ziegler, our latest PBteen collaborator – but this video takes that to a whole new level! Zio has painted his murals all over the world – from San Francisco to Brooklyn to Italy – so we were completely honored when he came in to paint a mural in our office. Check out the video to see!

And now, three fun facts you probably didn’t know about Zio!

  1. He keeps a few essentials in his backpack at all times: headphones, a watercolor set, and…wait for it…a boomerang!
  2. His favorite food is burritos, and his mom’s kitchen is his preferred place to enjoy a meal.
  3. His favorite Halloween getup ever is a squirrel costume that his mom made for him when he was 6!

Be sure to check out the exclusive new Zio Ziegler for PBteen collection here!

Where would you like to see Zio paint his next mural?

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